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building future generations of design thinkers.

Bright Spark is Bridge Innovate's® social innovation designed to ignite creative confidence with students and educators using design thinking.


Bright Spark offers programs for students 4th-grade through college to build design skills such as empathy, problem solving, prototyping and experimenting to innovate new solutions with Design Thinking.


Timeline (2019-2020)


2019-2020 Bright Spark Programs and Membership

Sign up for the Design Competition by December 14.

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Teachers annually report their students grow in critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills—all while having fun. Students also grow in empathy. By continually practicing design thinking, students begin to more frequently see the world through the eyes of others.


Programs & Membership


Invention Challenge

Attend the Awards Program on October 23rd

Individuals and student teams submit a video pitch showcasing the prototype of your best invention by September 30th. Public voting determines the finalists and a judging panel selects a winner from the finalist group. Winner is presented at the 2019 Spirit of Innovation Awards.

Public voting has ended. Click learn more to RSVP for the big awards event!


Design Competition

Register by December 14 to participate


Student teams compete to solve a real-world challenge by applying design thinking. From kickoff, prototype review, final judging to design awards, the competition is packed with excitement and opportunities for growth. Teams submit a presentation, a prototype, and a video pitch that introduces their solution. Seven+ awards are given each year to the brightest students and educators.

View a video from last year’s competition here.

Check out our 2019 High School Innovation Sprint here.


Sprintbase School Challenge


Ever wanted to improve your school cafeteria experience? Or make parent-teacher conferences better? During the Sprintbase School Challenge, schools will create their own specific school-based challenge and form teams around it using the virtual design-thinking platform, Sprintbase.

You decide the number of students for your team and the time frame for the design sprint. Some teachers enroll all the students of a class for a semester project and others may conduct a 2-3 week after-school challenge.

Teams will submit their solutions in video format and a judging panel will select the winners, awarding them with a cash prize!

Learn more about the Sprintbase Technology platform here.


Premium Membership

AUGUST 15, 2019 - MAY 1, 2020

For school districts interested in all Bright Spark program, here's the membership for YOU! The premium membership provides access to all programs including Invention Challenge, Design Competition, and Sprintbase School Challenge at a discount.

• Invention Challenge enrollment
• Design Competition enrollment
• Sprintbase School Challenge for 15 participants.
• Bright Spark toolkit and videos
• Kit for local Prototype Review
• District Level Award

Register today and ignite creative confidence with design thinking programs and resources all year long.


“The Bright Spark Design Competition presented my students with an opportunity to creatively problem-solve with real-life parameters that not only impact the Chattanooga area, but many other communities around the country. It is an opportunity for them to think and design on a local scale then apply the solution to a larger context.”

—David Burghy, Columbus College of Art & Design


“It was a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and grow in problem-solving methodology while receiving positive and meaningful feedback from industry professionals.”

— Hannah Williams, Baylor School






The Bright Spark Tools are designed to facilitate learning of design thinking for 4th grad through college. Using these design thinking tools, participants learn the design thinking method, develop fundamental skills of observing, brainstorming, prototyping, and acquire creative confidence. Along with these skills, students build experience working in a highly collaborative environments and solving complex problems with critical thinking techniques.


Bright Spark Sponsorship Opportunities

Invest in the next generation of innovators.

With your help, dozens of students will be able to participate in Bright Spark programs. Immersive design challenges help students build creative confidence, critical thinking, and empathy skills to prepare them for the job market of the future.

In addition to making it possible for students to experience game-changing design challenges, sponsoring organizations also receive:

  • Program, social media, and website recognition

  • Judging positions

  • Mentorship and speaking opportunities

Companies already investing in the next generation of innovators:


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