Bright Spark™

BrightSpark™ is Bridge Innovate's® social innovation designed to ignite creative confidence within students and educators by utilizing design thinking, education workshops, coaching, and free online resources to provide teachers and students with tools to solve design challenges.

Students build critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills as well as the essential skills of designers, which include empathy, brainstorming, creating, experimenting, failing, and trying again.

Join us in building future creative leaders:

  • Sponsor a Design Challenge for students and educators
  • Sponsor an education team to attend a Design Thinking Crash Course
  • Join the Bright Spark Leadership Circle

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Transportation of the Future is a design competition for students grades 4-12 and higher education. Participating schools are invited to form teams led by teachers to develop innovative solutions through application of design thinking. Design teams are tasked with the following challenge:

How Might We reimagine the transportation system of the future to move people and products more efficiently while protecting our natural resources?

Registration is open from September 1st - November 15th.

The competition includes:

  • Design thinking training (for students and teachers)
  • Webinars with Industry Experts
  • Online Materials
  • Prototype Review Session
  • Awards Ceremony

There is an entry fee of $350/team for grades 4-12 and for higher education. Additional submissions will be $250 each.


Competition Partners:


Invention Challenge

Invention Challenge 2-1.png

The Bright Spark Invention Challenge is for students K-12 who have a passion for inventing. Students can work individually or in teams (up to 4 members) to create or improve a product, service, or strategy. To submit an invention, students only need to upload a sketch of the invention and answer a few questions. Submissions can be uploaded at the Bright Spark website on the 'Invention Challenge' page.

Each month, the 2 inventions with the most "likes" on Facebook are crowned monthly winners and become finalists for the Invention Challenge and will be eligible to receive a $500 cash prize! There is no charge to participate in this challenge!

To see more detail, see the Invention Challenge webpage here.


I believe Design Thinking is one of the most important and valuable tools I have given my students. If I can teach them to be independent thinkers and problem solvers who want to improve their world, the possibilities are endless!
— Bright Spark™ Teacher Leader