Tabitha Kapic

Tabitha supports Bridge Innovate’s strategy and organizational development efforts as a consultant and coach. She has spent more than twenty years helping organizations grow and change while maintaining strategic focus on their core mission and vision. Tabitha is passionate about listening and asking questions that draw out the unique strengths and untapped potential of organizations and helping them shape their future with initiatives and plans that translate directly into action.

Her career spans the for-profit and nonprofit worlds in both international and domestic settings. While based in England, she worked with the U.S. Commerce Department at the American Embassy in London to launch U.S. businesses in the U.K. and Europe and to develop strategies to increase the profile of the U.S. Commerce Department in the U.K. Tabitha went on to serve as President of Medair United States, supporting the Swiss-based NGO working in Humanitarian Relief and Rehabilitation in natural disaster and conflict situations. Her work at Medair included strategic planning, communications, fundraising, recruitment and training, advocacy in Washington, D.C., and logistics with special responsibilities for moving people and materials into Haiti during the first years of Medair’s response to the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

Throughout her career and specifically as a nonprofit consultant, she has led clients through both complex and straightforward strategic planning processes, developed and launched training and communications initiatives, secured over $7M in grant funding, increased stakeholder involvement, and coached leadership through times of both challenge and success.

A gifted facilitator, Tabitha works from the premise that each client best understands their own context and needs, and believes that her role is to help them discover and chart the strongest path forward for their organization. Over the last 15 years, she has developed unique tools and processes for nonprofit organizations that increase capacity, focus strategy, and leverage partnerships and organizational strengths.

Tabitha also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Economics and Community Development at Covenant College where she is passionate about mentoring the next generation of leaders for the workplace and society.

Based in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Tabitha and her husband, Kelly, enjoy adventures of all sizes with their two children, Jonathan and Margot, and their very large dog, Ruby.