Created by our friends and experienced design thinking practitioners at Treehouse Innovation, Sprintbase™ is a cutting-edge virtual design thinking platform that seamlessly leads teams through the innovation process with built-in tools and direction to produce great outcomes.

Guided by intelligent process automation and using intuitive workspaces rich with expert tips and templates; virtual teams collaborate from anywhere to tackle innovation challenges and create meaningful impact. Sprintbase® helps organizations of any size to drive continuous innovation and build design thinking capability at scale.

Sprintbase enables your team to:

  • Create home-grown innovation success stories traditionally achieved through external consultants
  • Tap into the creative potential of cross-functional, remote team collaboration
  • Increase organizational agility by enabling people to run their own sprints with confidence
  • Develop more innovative, user-centric solutions to the challenges they face in day-to-day work
  • Foster a shared process, language and culture of innovation
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Sprintbase™ provides the focus and structure our team needs to make an impact with design thinking in the field.
— Anna Sulzman, Director, People & Org. Development, eBay
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Customize your Sprintbase experience

Our U.S.-based team works with you to create customizable journeys, ensuring you get the most out of your Sprintbase™ experience and achieve your innovation objectives.

  • Virtual Coaching – Enable Sprintbase™ teams to learn and achieve more with virtual coaching support from our design thinking experts throughout your journey.
  • Certification – Become a certified Sprintbase™ coach to drive your innovation efforts and develop in-house expertise through the Sprintbase™ certification process.