The Design Thinking Platform for Teams

Real innovation field projects, enabled by technology, driven by your people.



Created by our friends and experienced design thinking practitioners at Treehouse Innovation, Sprintbase® is a cutting-edge virtual design thinking platform that seamlessly leads teams through the innovation process with built-in tools and direction to produce great outcomes.

Guided by intelligent process automation and using intuitive workspaces rich with expert tips and templates; virtual teams collaborate from anywhere to tackle innovation challenges and create meaningful impact. Sprintbase® helps organizations of any size to drive continuous innovation and build design thinking capability at scale.

Sprintbase® enables your team to:

  • Apply design thinking in small teams to tackle real business challenges
  • Build the confidence that comes from real-life field application
  • Improve collaboration across silos and geographies
  • Develop more innovative, user-centric solutions to daily work challenges
  • Foster a shared language and culture of innovation
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Customize your Sprintbase® experience

We work with you to create customizable journeys ensuring you get the most out of your Sprintbase® experience and achieve your innovation objectives.

  • Design Thinking Crash Course – Set Sprintbase® teams up for success and start by learning the fundamentals of design thinking, featuring the award-winning ExperinceInnovation™ simulation co-created by our partners at IDEO and ExperiencePoint®.
  • Virtual Coaching – Enable Sprintbase® teams to learn and achieve more with virtual coaching support from our design thinking experts throughout your journey.
  • Certification – Become a certified Sprintbase® coach to drive your innovation efforts and develop in-house expertise through the Sprintbase® certification process.
  • 5-Day Design Sprint – A proven process for rapid innovation powered by Sprintbase® where teams, supported by expert coaches, take a business challenge through a cycle of gathering inspiration, designing prototypes, testing, and iterating big ideas leading to breakthrough solutions in a matter of days.


Improve leadership, innovation, and change capabilities with expert guidance from seasoned coaches. 


Bridge Innovate Studio

Meet and collaborate in a more creative way at the state-of-the-art Bridge Innovate Studio. 


Graphic Recording

Kick-start the creative process with graphic recording services, where ideas are visually captured in real time.


Knowledge Curation

Identify and deliver insights and data analysis that lead to bigger thinking and bolder solutions. 


Design Workshops

Get creative, spur innovation, and chart a course for success with our range of design workshops. 



Gain greater awareness about the way you learn, work, and create through our range of assessments.   

Via a SWARM Session, Bridge Innovate and Jenny Whitener’s team was integral in helping to define our operating model, creating a sense of urgency and creating a comprehensive list of strategic initiatives geared to transforming our organization. The value provided by Bridge Innovate was clear for us, and I would highly recommend Bridge Innovate as a partner.
— Chad Johnson, Vice President, Procurement Services