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Drive Disruptive Innovation

Design thinking takes a traditional Hackathon to the next level.


Client Story - RentPath

Challenge - Building upon its success as a leading digital marketing solutions company for the real estate industry, RentPath® was looking to create new disruptive consumer services in alignment with its mission of simplifying the rental experience. Each year, RentPath would see incremental improvements in code, features and functionality from a series of hackathons conducted by its IT group. With this model in mind, the CTO dreamed about taking it to the next level by doing a company-wide hackathon. The challenge was to take off all the blinders and broaden the typical IT-centric model to a human-centered hackathon experience that would disrupt the industry and create innovative new consumer services.

Solution - Using design thinking methodology and insights from consumer personas as a foundation, Bridge Innovate® designed and delivered a five-day Design Thinking Hackathon experience coaching more than 60 RentPath employees in six client-led design teams as they worked to create new disruptive consumer services.

Results - RentPath’s CEO attended the final Pitch session and was so impressed by team ideas and the overall outcome of the Design Thinking Hackathon that two projects were immediately funded. The Design Thinking Hackathon experience equipped RentPath with an easily replicated vehicle for building internal innovation capability. In addition to long-term ideas for large-scale industry disruption, leaders also walked away with quick wins to take forward in the short-term.


I recently celebrated 15 years working at RentPath, and this was without a doubt a top three experience for me! I met some great people, got to ideate and work on some great concepts, and was able to participate in something that will make a really big difference.
— Design Thinking Hackathon Participants
Cross functional teams forced us to communicate with common words. This kept the pace moving since we didn’t get bogged down into details of our individual domain.
This was one of the best experiences I’ve been through at RentPath and in my career. We have not had this type of forum for innovation that has brought different groups together in this way.
This week was the best use of my time in a long time and I am proud that I was a part of it.