Ralph Keith

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Ralph supports Bridge Innovate’s education and innovation efforts as a consultant and specialist. Through Bright Spark™, Bridge’s social impact initiative for students and educators, Ralph leverages his experience and perspective in support of innovative initiatives serving all levels of education.

Ralph Keith currently serves as the STEM Lab Teacher at Rock Spring Elementary (RSE), Walker County, GA. In this role, he teaches from a six-year (K-5th grade) life curriculum he designed built on eight core characteristics: imagination, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem- solving, teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. Focused on learning by doing, his students develop these habits of the mind that are timeless and, most importantly, timely. Having introduced Design Thinking to the upper grades, RSE students engage in Human Centered Design addressing real world problem-solving through local and regional design challenges.

Ralph has served K-12 public school children and staff as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal for 25 years. Additionally, he spent 14 years in the then-developing e-Learning space in several capacities including trainer, team leader, and regional vice president. Having a front- row seat to the culture of change in both public education and private enterprise, Ralph is no stranger to the challenges organizations face. In all opportunities, Ralph cultivates a deep- seated passion and curiosity for organizational effectiveness by doing. He actively seeks innovation, improvement, and evidence of impact in challenges large and small.

Ralph earned a B.S. in Music Education and an M.Ed. in Leadership from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He completed his Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Leadership at the University of West Georgia. Beyond the rigors of the college classroom, Ralph built his competencies in organizational effectiveness through more than three decades of experience.

Married to one amazing woman, father to three incredible (grown) children (including incredible spouses), Ralph enjoys time with family. Having discovered that his two granddaughters are perfect, he is always happy to share photos and stories that prove the point.