Dr. Peggy Bradt


Dr. Peggy Bradt is a clinical psychologist who specializes in executive assessment and coaching. Peggy has more than 22 years experience coaching senior and mid-level executives in both the private and public sectors. Her private sector experience includes financial services, health care, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, and information technology. Her public sector work includes coaching leaders in federal, state and local governments, educators, and colonels, generals and admirals in the US military. Throughout her career, Peggy has been an adjunct coach in leadership programs offered by the Center for Creative Leadership. 

She particularly enjoys helping executives tackle the challenge of leading change created by mergers, reorganizations, downsizings, or new assignments, projects or reporting structures. Peggy helps leaders make real-world links between their assessment results and leadership outcomes, and enjoys helping them develop practical plans for the betterment of themselves and the people and organizations they serve.