Bright Spark™ Spotlight: A Call for Sponsorship

Investing in the Next Generation of Innovators


With summer in full swing, the Bright Spark™ team is gearing up for our 2018-2019 student programs. We’re inviting companies to join us in this endeavor as official sponsors to help keep this important work going.

Why does Bright Spark matter? According to the World Economic Forum, the most important job skill for 2020 will be complex problem solving. Other top ten skills include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and emotional intelligence. Applying design thinking in the classroom can help students build these important skills, which is exactly what Bright Spark is all about!

A social innovation initiative of Bridge Innovate®, Bright Spark empowers students and educators through design thinking. Our workshops and resources encourage creative confidence through immersive design challenges.

Last year, more than 150 students from five states competed in a design competition to reimagine the future of transportation. Students learned design thinking as a creative way to problem-solve and discovered valuable critical thinking and empathy building skills they’ll be able to apply not only in their education but throughout their future career.

Invest in the next generation of innovators and help ensure our kids are prepared for the job market of the future. With your help, dozens of students will be able to participate in the 2018-2019 Bright Spark programs.

In addition to making it possible for students to experience game-changing design challenges, sponsoring organizations also receive:

  • Program, social media, and website recognition

  • Judging positions

  • Speaking opportunity at next year’s Bright Spark Design Awards event

  • Innovation for Good(R) award and recognition

  • Access to photo and video documentation

  • Access to student idea deliverables

If your organization is interested in sponsorship opportunities for this year’s Bright Spark programs, contact director Mary Kim to learn more.

Check out more information on our 2018-2019 programs below, and help us spread the word among students and educators about open registration. It’s time to spark!

Program Details


Invent Prototypes to Win!

Open for 4th grade to college level
Register by September 15, 2018

Program Dates: October 1-31, 2018

  1. Challenge announced (Mid-August)

  2. Inventions submitted by video (October 31)

  3. Social media voting (November 5-16)


Design the Next "IT" Consumer Product to Win!

Open for 4th grade to college level
Register by October 15, 2018

Program Dates: January-March 2019

  1. Design brief announced (Mid-August)

  2. Virtual team kickoff (January 2019)

  3. Prototype review (February 2019)

  4. Final submission (February 2019)

  5. Student design awards (March 2019)