Leadership: Today and Tomorrow

A McKinsey study that explored why leadership development programs fail determined that "two-thirds of adults retain from doing compared to 10% from listening to lectures." If you're spending time and money on training and development and it's mostly lectures, you're losing out on a lot of capital with effective leadership development practices. 

Leadership development should model the company position, strategy, and needs to ensure interventions reach across the entire organization and are well-coordinated across the business structure. Technology in leadership development allows for scale, which was successful in large corporations like Salesforce, Hilton, and Texas Health Resources.

It is also crucial that leaders apply learning in new settings and on-the-job over time. Our summer intern Nic Chung unpacks his research in the leadership development space. Watch the recorded webinar below to learn why leadership development is more than just a trending topic.

5 Trends to Look Out for in 2019

  1. Embracing disruption. Learning to adjust and adapt to the continually evolving and changing conditions in the marketplace and learning to have some cultural and organizational agility.

  2. Experiential learning. Learning on the job and education that integrates within the day-to-day tasks are more effective than a two-day retreat and sending employees back to work to implement the new skills.

  3. Trend forecasting. What is the market telling you, and what direction is it headed? Make strategic moves to prepare your organization to address those changes.

  4. Invest in human capital. HR is often distinct from business strategy, but in the future, human capital will be what drives business and determines the direction of a business and how apt a company is to adapt to change. 

Embracing diversity. As the sociopolitical climate becomes more progressive, it's imperative to embrace diversity in many different spheres, especially in the workforce. Organizations and companies that embrace diversity and have a more diverse workforce are more profitable and more productive.


See differently. Solve differently. We work with clients to teach you how to sustain leadership interventions by integrating them structurally into the organization over the long term. Learn how to tackle leadership development and implement these best practices in your organization here.

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