What Companies Are Missing When Predicting Futures

Source: BCG

Source: BCG

Boston Consulting Group's Jon Kaplan unpacks strategic foresight and discusses how the most diverse sets of thoughts initiate the best strategic direction.

“The best strategic direction is set by the most diverse sets of thoughts. What people don’t talk about enough when building future strategies is the diversity of thought.” – Jon Kaplan | Managing Director and Senior Partner | Boston Consulting Group

Strategic foresight has been a tool used for many years, but as we head into a volatile marketplace, two things are important in anticipating the future:

  1. Diversity of thought

  2. Understanding the needs of the consumer

With a significant focus on technology, people often undervalue the consumer as the most critical dimension in predicting futures. In reality, understanding the issues that are plaguing the consumer's interactions with organizations and businesses are worth paying attention to.

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At Bridge Innovate we use strategic foresight to:

  • Discover the personal and organizational biases that become blinders to new ideas and potential disruptors.

  • Explore the environment for emerging issues in political, economics, social, technology, and legal areas.

  • Inform strategy, innovation agendas, and action plans.

Jenny Whitener, CEO of Bridge Innovate shares:

“Strategic foresight has become vital to effective leadership and sustainable growth. We’re seeing organizations such as Disney and NASA invest in equipping their leaders to build their foresight competencies through training, learning & development platforms, and professional collaboratives. Bridge Innovate is excited to be a leading force in offering this capability to our clients.”

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Jon Kaplan leads The Boston Consulting Group's health-care payers and services team in North and South America. He is also a member of the firm’s Strategy practice. Since joining BCG, Jon has worked for a wide variety of health care clients on six of the seven continents. His primary experience is in understanding market forces and demand.

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