Why You Need to Kill Performance Management and Mobilize a New Performance Experience


Harvard Business Review research shows that feedback is constructive when it’s done well, and managers don’t always have the skills developed to provide useful feedback. How do we ensure that new performance experiences are designed in companies? How might we take into consideration the research and data that shows that the kind of feedback necessary to help people grow and improve their performance can be simple and something that people can act on? 

Traditionally, career conversations happen on an annual basis, but agile organizations are shifting to conduct these conversations ongoing. New performance approaches create a culture of openness, foster employee accountability, and equip leaders to have authentic and constructive discussions. Empowering leaders with simple tools and systems to coach employees for growth and high performance are essential.

Recently, we sat down with Laurie Kortum, talent enablement consultant for Shaw Industries to discuss how the application of design thinking helped Shaw Industries reimagine their performance management experience.

Watch the recorded webinar below to hear Laurie discuss how Shaw approached this issue from a different perspective and how this innovative approach aligned with Shaw’s culture indicators.

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Meredith MooreComment