How Human-Centered Design Fueled Community Vibrancy

Every city and community is distinct and, by using Design Thinking, a community’s unique assets can be leveraged to ignite community vibrancy. Think about cities like Nashville, Napa Valley, and Asheville. These cities, and many others, are places with a unique flavor and we would consider each of these cities to be destinations. One of the key factors in creating a community vibrancy strategy is creating something that cannot be easily replicated anywhere else.

It is easy to think you know your community and how its assets should be leveraged, but experience expertise can be a big hurdle in innovation. The best way to get around this is to gain perspective by encouraging feedback from members across the community. Experiments are an essential part of vibrancy strategy to get a broader grasp on the community’s identity and what makes it unique.

In this webinar, Kelly Farina, the Program Coordinator, Thrive Regional Partnership, share her experience with crafting vibrancy strategies throughout communities in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. These communities, using design thinking, have been able to leverage their local heritage, local artists and musicians, spaces, and events to create community vibrancy.


Vibrancy Strategy is now a virtual team sport. Our design thinking online platform Sprintbase™ enables teams to create vibrancy strategies virtually with a Bridge Innovate design thinking coach.

This tool provides teams the opportunity to complete an asset inventory, community voices map, and trend analysis to fuel creative strategy.

The virtual Vibrancy Strategy Leadership Certificate Program is a 3-month virtual program covering the stages of research, insights, ideation, prototyping and experimenting, and strategy pitch.

To find out more about cohort team enrollment, schedule a 1x1 with us today.


Mary Kim