In the News: 2018-2019 Invention Challenge

Students, parents and teachers have another chance this year to invent something that solves a problem through the 2018 Bright Spark Invention Challenge.

In the challenge, sponsored by Bridge Innovate and Western Electric, students from fourth through 12th grades and higher education institutions will compete to create a new service or product that solves an existing problem.

They work with teachers and parents to form teams and compete in developing the best inventions.

“The invention challenge is easy, fun and provides teachers and students an avenue to build creative muscle,” Bright Spark Director Mary Kim said in a prepared statement. “The Invention Challenge is an excellent precursor to our fifth annual Student Design Competition beginning in January.”

Last year’s winner was Westwood Elementary School fifth-grader Drew Snyder, who created a bike that raises and lowers basketball goal.

The winning student team will be awarded a $100 gift card and the parent or teacher of the winner will also receive a $100 gift card.

Teams can register through the Bright Spark website.

Registration is free and will end on Sept. 15.