Bright Spark™ Spotlight: All things Student Design Competition!


So many great things are happening with Bright Spark, our social innovation initiative for students and educators! The final countdown to register for the 2018-2019 Student Design Competition (deadline is Dec. 15!) has begun, and everyone is looking forward to the official kickoff on Jan. 8.

We are proud to be partnering with our program sponsor United Way of Greater Chattanooga to bring students a new design challenge facing many in their communities:

How might we connect resources and services within and into our communities to help students and families in need thrive?

Throughout the competition, educators will guide their student teams through the design thinking process to come up with innovative solutions for families in need.

This year, the Bright Spark team is hosting a series of webinars with guest speakers to provide more context and information about the key impact areas competing student teams will be asked to address. The key impact areas are education, health & well-being, and stability.

Check out the video clip below from the first webinar hosted by Bright Spark Director, Mary Kim, and featuring guest speakers from United Way of Greater Chattanooga, including the Vice President of Community Impact, Lakweshia Ewig, who shares about challenges facing the region regarding students and families in need and what it means to thrive. 


Educators will have access to these webinars to build out their curriculum/program and share with their participating students as an inspiration resource.

Stay tuned for much more to come from Bright Spark in 2019!

The last day for interested educators and student teams to register for the Student Design Competition is quickly approaching!

Want to get involved? Join us in building the next generation of design thinkers by becoming a sponsor or prototype reviewer.