Three CSAS Seniors Win the 2018 Invention Challenge

Thirty-one inventions were submitted, and after two rounds of judging, three seniors from Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences won the 2018 Bright Spark™ Invention Challenge.

These three students, Brennan, Will and Tyler, created Collite, a light-up and GPS dog collar. See their invention pitch video here.

“I need four. Sign me up,” said Geoff Millener, The Enterprise Center digital equity officer, who was one of the final judges.

Judges this year were Geoff Millener, Matt Harris, Tim Walsh, and Allison Wolfe, and while all of them were impressed with the ingenuity of all 31 inventions, Collite took the cake. “Excellent idea. I could definitely see Collite going to market. I would encourage them to move to the prototype stage,” said Matt Harris, coordinator of innovation at Walker County School District.

The winning student team will receive a $100 gift card. And the team’s teacher sponsor, Kristin Burrus, will receive a $100 Visa gift card, as well.

“Bright Spark does a fantastic job creating an experience for kids to participate in meaningful Design Thinking,” Kristin said. “The Collite group have plans to make a working prototype of the collar using skills learned and resources from our CSAS VWeLab. I am proud of all the CSAS teams and know that this experience has made them better critical thinkers, collaborators, and future entrepreneurs.”

The second place invention was the Neon Book Light from Westwood Elementary School. In third place, the Silent Stair Backpack from Chattanooga Girls Preparatory School.

After a public voting process on YouTube, the field was narrowed to the top-10 student inventions, said Mary Kim, Bright Spark director. "Thank you for voting for your favorite inventions during the public voting phase of the competition! Mary said. "From the top-10, our four judges selected the top three inventions."

Now that the Invention Challenge is wrapped up, Mary said she is excited for the excited for the upcoming Student Design Competition.

“The Invention Challenge, which was sponsored by Western Electric, is a fun avenue for students like Brennan, Will and Tyler to build creative muscle,” Mary said. "We are thankful for all the students and teachers who participated this year! This challenge is a great stepping stone to our Student Design Competition where students will tackle a community-based problem through design thinking.”

This year, students are tackling a challenge in conjunction with United Way of Greater Chattanooga:

How Might We connect resources and services within and into our communities to help students and families in need thrive?

Registration closes Dec. 1 for the 2018-2019 Student Design Competition. Register today!