Bright Sparker Receives U.S. Patent for Le-Glue Invention

The Bright Spark community would like to extend our congratulations to fellow Bright Sparker, Tripp Phillips, of Dalton, GA, who recently received a patent for his invention, Le-Glue®. Bravo, Tripp!

It all started when this tenacious 10-year-old decided to find a solution to a challenge that frustrates LEGO® lovers everywhere – how might we keep creations from falling apart without permanently gluing them together? Tripp’s big idea was to invent a product to temporarily glue LEGOs and other blocks together without causing permanent damage. With the help of his father, Lee, who is a lab scientist by trade, Tripp’s vision became reality and Le-Glue was born.

He decided to enter his invention in the International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards competition, where Le-Glue went on to win the Toys and Games category, as well as post his invention on Bright Spark’s innovative ideas page. Tripp later launched a kick-starter campaign that was successfully funded to help get Le-Glue off the ground and into production.

Fast forward to today, and not only is Tripp selling Le-Glue and other items online at Amazon, as well as locally in Dalton, he has also been awarded an official U.S. patent for his product.

This week, Tripp dedicated the patent to his inspirational teacher, Martha Thomason, and donated $3,000 in supplies of building bricks and Le-Glue to the Westwood Elementary maker space as a legacy gift.

Congratulations again, Tripp! We look forward to sharing your story with future Bright Sparkers and encouraging students with the reminder that anything is possible.

Learn more about Le-Glue and Tripp’s story here.

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