Prototype, Iterate & Test (PIT) Enables Rapid Innovation At It's Finest!

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There's nothing like seeing the spark of an idea take shape into on-the-ground action. For the last few weeks, eight community teams participating in Thrive 2055's Thriving Communities Initiative bravely took steps to turn concepts on paper into reality through a series of small tests during the Prototype, Iterate & Test (PIT) phase of the program. Rapid innovation at it's finest! 

From breathing life and beauty back into a downtown with an innovative "Back Alley Gallery" event, to a community-wide scavenger hunt, or hundreds of people turning out for a last minute "Pop-Up Downtown" event on the green, our inspirational community teams learned valuable insights from their quick, small-scale experiments that helped them refine the next iteration of their strategies.

The three-month program, which leverages the best of design thinking and regional assets to fuel a synergistic arts and culture growth strategy for a tri-state region, culminates this week with the final Growth Strategy Pitch & Investment session. We can't wait to see how the community strategies have evolved! Stay tuned.

Paul Burger