Bridge Innovate Announces Mary Kim as Director of Bright Spark

Today, Bridge Innovate® announced Mary Kim as director of Bright Spark™, the organization’s social impact initiative for students and educators, effective as of June 26, 2017. In addition to leading Bright Spark, Ms. Kim will also oversee Innovation for Good®, a new corporate responsibility program, as well as provide design advisory for Bridge Innovate clients.

Framing the challenge

Innovators at all experience levels use Design Thinking. From startup entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives, many people are finding that their next big idea is within reach through human-centered design.

Paul Burger
Prototype, Iterate & Test (PIT) Enables Rapid Innovation At It's Finest!

There's nothing like seeing the spark of an idea take shape into on-the-ground action. For the last few weeks, eight community teams participating in Thrive 2055's Thriving Communities Initiative bravely took steps to turn concepts on paper into reality through a series of small tests during the Prototype, Iterate & Test (PIT) phase of the program. Rapid innovation at it's finest! 

Paul Burger