Matt McLelland

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Matt supports Bridge Innovate’s® clients by guiding them through some of the more basic fundamentals of innovation – looking at the history of innovation, helping to define what it means within their own organizations, comparing innovation with disruption, and exploring how current attitudes about risk affects the innovation process. Matt draws heavily from a 25-year background in information technology but most recently, his experience as the Innovation Research Manager at Kenco Innovation Labs. 

After serving ten years in the IT department at Kenco Logistics Services, Matt was selected to be one of the first members of a new group called Kenco Innovation Labs – a small team of three experienced leaders tasked with identifying, researching, and prototyping new products and services with the potential to impact the supply chain. As Innovation Research Manager, Matt currently spends much of his time researching emerging new technologies, prototyping some of these ideas within their existing client base, exploring the various structures of innovation labs / departments at other companies, and helping Kenco’s customers think about how a formal approach to innovation might work in their own organizations. His group also spends time looking at suggestions made by their employee base of 4,500 warehousing associates, which is where many of their best ideas begin.

Matt is often asked to speak at various conferences and forums around the U.S. about the fundamentals of innovation, current prototype success (and failures), and how innovation has changed the way Kenco Group meets the changing demands of their customers. Using experience in his current role and hands-on work with other innovation groups, he offers a unique first-hand perspective to help Bridge Innovate clients explore how a similar innovation department might work in their own organization. 

Prior to his work at Kenco Logistics Services, Matt’s career focused on large scale technology software implementations – having worked for PeopleSoft, Oracle, Ernst & Young, and IBM. Matt graduated from the University of Georgia in 1993 with a BA in Management Information Systems.

Matt lives in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee with his wife and son, but you can often find them traveling the U.S. with a family goal of trying to visit all 59 of our national parks.