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The future of an organization depends upon the people who lead it. Bridge hones the capabilities of current and future leaders, preparing your top talent to take your organization to new levels.

Leadership solutions are strategic. Leaders are under pressure to anticipate market shifts, foster creative solutions, and coach teams to deliver maximum customer value. We believe leadership development should be custom designed to fuse learning and doing. We begin by developing an understanding of the greatest business challenges for leaders. Then, we design leadership development experiences that blend new knowledge and skill with immediate application to the business challenge.

Leadership development is connected to the business. Building leadership capacity is on-going and needs to be integrated with management practices. Linking leadership development to strategic planning, quarterly operational reviews, customer experience design, or competitive analysis can ground skill development with immediate opportunities for application to the business.

Leadership is both personal and team based. Building organizational leadership capability starts as a personal introspection and builds team leadership impact. Our coaching and assessment tools, blended with insights and best practices from leadership gurus such as Kouzes and Posner, Patrick Lencioni, Simon Sinek, and Stephen Covey, provide clients with a platform for leadership growth.


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Sample Leadership Journeys:


 Highlights of leadership services


Leadership Development Strategies

We bring the best of strategy design tools and couple it with leading practices in leadership development to help your team design a leadership strategy.


Customized Leadership Programs

We team with you to define the critical leadership challenges facing your organization. Then, together, we design a customized leadership experience to foster collective wisdom, build skills, foster alignment, and craft strategic decisions. These sessions mobilize the team’s full potential.


Strategy Planning

Leaders and board members plan how to execute the strategy and to facilitate transformation.


Strategic Foresight Intensives

Foresight tools allow us to mine the external environment to identify trends and map the emerging landscape to inform proactive strategies



Design puts people – both your employees and your customers – at the center of your innovation efforts. We team with our clients to tailor-make an approach for creating breakthrough ideas and distinctive solutions.

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Change is certain. Buy-in is not. Our agile approach to organizational change is an on-going capability complimenting iterative business cycles demanded by competitive markets.

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I can honestly say that I have participated in 30+ strategic planning sessions and initiatives, and I have NEVER seen a better team and facilitator than you and Bridge! The preparation, research, delivery, collaboration, energy and product are incredible. Bridge Innovate and Jenny are really onto something here. I can’t tell you how people ‘hate’ the old-school way of ‘planning,’ and your new delivery and the IDEATION and IDEO way of participation is really special.
— Miller Welborn, President

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