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Show, don’t tell

Graphic recording is a unique technique that helps organizations kick-start the creative process. We use visual maps and murals to illustrate conversations and humanize our experience of information. Create powerful conference, meeting, or design session experiences where participants feel heard as they watch our talented team of graphic scribes capture their ideas real-time.


Real-Time Murals

Our graphic scribes work live in front of the group during keynote presentations, panel discussions, training sessions, or strategic conversations, using a large piece of paper or foamcore and markers to create visual representations and make the patterns and relationships between concepts clear.



Session Sketchnotes

A graphic scribe sits as a member of the audience and records graphically on paper, using the same techniques as in a mural.



Innovation Coaching

Build innovation, leadership, and change capacity with expert guidance from seasoned coaches.  



Drive continuous innovation and collaborate anywhere with the intuitive design thinking platform Sprintbase™. 


Design Sprints

Devise, test, and solve big challenges in only five days. Get creative and chart a course for success.  


Ignite Leadership Retreat

Ignite your team with alignment, strategic focus, and inspiration to perform during an all-inclusive 1-day leadership retreat. 


Creative Tools

Accelerate innovation and fuel success with our suite of creative tools for growth.  


Community Vibrancy

Fuel social transformation and growth in your community through human-centered design. 

The challenges we were facing were very difficult for this organization- we really had to learn a completely new way of looking at our business. Working with Bridge has made all the difference!
— Royal Mail Master Class Participant