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Client Story - A Global Tech Company

Challenge - While meeting with the executive team of a global technology company to help them define their future leadership strategy, the CEO pinpointed their greatest challenge. “We’re a $10 billion company stuck in a $5 billion skin. We have 125 years of history as a U.S.-based company, and now over 65% of our revenues come from offshore. We’ve got to lead, innovate, and grow, but running a global company like a U.S business in every market is hurting us.

Solution - In an effort to bridge this gap for our client and mobilize their top 80 executives, we teamed with academics from three leading universities to deliver a customized change management and global leadership development program. With a focus on strategy, finance, marketing, innovation, and multiculturalism, the program content was designed to give the client opportunities to build new skills, develop an aligned vision, as well as explore business innovation and global leadership to successfully move the needle on the client’s growth strategy.

Results - From coaching and developing talent, to hiring and performance management, looking at talent in a systemic way and focusing on significant areas of impact in specific units gave our client a clear understanding of where they can make changes to benefit the company. The year-long program was deemed a great success by participants and sponsors alike and was then cascaded to the next 360 leaders globally. The company’s leadership cites the program as a major factor in helping their people successfully manage a major relocation and execute an aggressive global growth strategy.