Take Management Teams from Dysfunctional to High-Functioning



A global insurance company appointed a 20-year European executive as CEO of the company’s hottest growth market; the Latin American division. Comprised of individuals with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, the Latin American leadership team was challenged with moving quickly to seize a growth market opportunity. The team's challenges were complex including integrating multiple acquired businesses into a high performing operation, building trust and alignment across the leadership team, and mobilizing a new growth strategy.



Bridge Innovate® designed and delivered a strategic leadership development initiative to accelerate the performance of the new executive team. The six-month program included an assessment and executive coaching phase, along with multipleSWARM® – Accelerated Design Workshops to refine and create clarity for the division's growth strategy, a new organizational culture aspiration, and leadership team values, roles, and operating agreement.   




Each phase of the program enabled senior leaders to build a shared understanding of the company’s strategic growth plan, develop critical leadership capabilities and define a future culture.




The program resulted in the client simplifying and streamlining their 26-point strategy to five major strategic focus areas. The client also instituted a common score card and a new management meeting structure and review process. Overall, the client successfully aligned the leadership team around their strengths and engaged them in mobilizing the strategy.




The future of an organization depends upon the people who lead it. Bridge hones the capabilities of current and future leaders, preparing your top talent to take your organization to new levels.



At Bridge, we infuse strategic planning with design methodologies that help organizations create a bold future vision - and achieve it.



If we're simply adapting to change, then we're missing opportunity. At Bridge, we've found that thriving in the midst of change, and allowing it to propel us forward, is what creates sustainable, scalable success.