Don Sweeney


With more than three decades of practical leadership experience in a Fortune 500 company, Don approaches executive coaching from a real world perspective. His 30+ years as an executive at Ernst & Young allowed him to impact thousands of mid-level to “C-Suite” leaders from a variety of global industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance, transportation, utilities, telecommunications, real estate, and retail.

During his tenure at Ernst & Young, Don served in a number of leadership positions ranging from National Director of a 400 person multi-industry consulting practice, to the COO and Human Resources Officer of a 700-800 person healthcare practice and Director of Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction for the U.S. based consulting practice. He has led successful implementations in culture and change management, leadership and talent development, customer relations, as well as human resources and operations management.  

Pulling from his wealth of knowledge and extensive background in a variety of businesses, Don provides an experiential approach to executive coaching. He works with business leaders in a collaborative, results-focused way to establish clear and measurable goals, assess skill and behavioral barriers to performance, assign appropriate learning challenges, and measure progress.

Don graduated from the University of Maryland with an MBA in Finance. Since his retirement from Ernst & Young in 2000, he has served on the Boards (including time as Chair) of two not-for-profit organizations including Prescott College in Arizona and Medstar Montgomery Medical Center in Maryland, in addition to a variety of volunteer positions with smaller organizations.