DESIGN Sprints

Devise, test, and solve big challenges in a few days.


Design Sprints

Tackle a complex challenge in a multi-day Design Sprint inspired by Jake Knapp's Sprint methodology.

A certified Bridge coach guides design teams of 8-10 participants through a cycle of gathering inspiration, designing prototypes, testing, and iterating big ideas leading to breakthrough solutions in a matter of days.



More ways to experience rapid solution design...


Design Thinking Hackathon

Our Hackathons equip teams with design thinking know-how and provide an easily replicable process for spurring innovation within your organization. The heart of a Design Thinking Hackathon is cross-functional and human-centered. Application of design thinking principles elevates and expands the traditional hackathon to a whole new world of opportunity.



SWARM is a 2-5 day accelerated design workshop that turns complex business problems into opportunities. Client design teams explore inspiration, craft future prototypes, and define assumptions to apply to Test Sprints. Swarming to solve a problem not only gives executives the tools they need to fast-track the usual process; it can also put a stalled effort back-on-track.



The IDEA JAM is a quick and highly interactive session designed to spur creativity and bold thinking toward achieving new solutions. Each session is adapted to your specific business challenge and utilizes IDEO’s brainstorming guidelines, ideation jump-starters, provocateur mixers, and field trips. Brainstorming teams wrap-up with 2-3 big ideas!


S2R™ Test Sprints

Small experiments are essential to effectively iterate and mobilize innovation. S2R (Strategy to Reality) Test Sprints give you the benefit of failing early to succeed faster. Ideas come alive as Bridge coaches work with client test teams to conduct short, simple, low-risk experiments in two-week sprints to validate assumptions of top ideas. Learning consolidation sessions happen throughout the process to provide teams time to share insights and iterate prototypes for broader implementation.



Innovation Coaching

Build innovation, leadership, and change capacity with expert guidance from seasoned coaches.  



Drive continuous innovation and collaborate anywhere with the intuitive design thinking platform Sprintbase™. 


Ignite Leadership Retreat

Ignite your team with alignment, strategic focus, and inspiration during a 1-day leadership retreat.  


Graphic Recording

Kick-start the creative process with graphic recording services, where ideas are visually captured in real time.


Creative Tools

Accelerate innovation and fuel success with our suite of creative tools for growth.    


Community Vibrancy

Fuel social transformation and growth in your community through human-centered design.  

Via a SWARM Session, Bridge Innovate and Jenny Whitener’s team was integral in helping to define our operating model, creating a sense of urgency and creating a comprehensive list of strategic initiatives geared to transforming our organization. The value provided by Bridge Innovate was clear for us, and I would highly recommend Bridge Innovate as a partner.
— Chad Johnson, Vice President, Procurement Services