David Wilson


David serves as a consultant and specialist with the Bridge Innovate® team. For the last 18 years, he has distinguished himself as an accomplished teacher and businessperson excelling across several states in various classroom and administrative roles as a consultant and in textbook sales. David became Nationally Board Certified in 2005 in Social Studies and has focused a large portion of his career on bringing technology into the classroom to augment the experience of the adolescent learner. A favorite project of his was beta testing a 3D video game that was used by the Florida Virtual School to help students earn public school credit in history.

As a consultant, David has trained hundreds of educators in the implementation of a project-based curriculum and worked with education councils as far away as Abu Dhabi to enhance education via gaming and other technological initiatives. Currently, David teaches Economics, Government, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing at STEM School Chattanooga and hosts the Surge competition, in which high school students from across the region battle for funding for their prototypical businesses.

David holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Curriculum, and Instruction and a bachelor’s degree in history from Lee University. Given the opportunity, he loves to pilot airplanes, sail, bike, travel, and read. He lives in Cleveland, Tennessee, with his lovely wife and four sweet children.