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Knowledge Curation

Why spend countless hours researching when we can do the guesswork for you? Our research experts evaluate benchmark organizations, the latest data and trends, industry best practices, as well as customer and market disruptive shifts to form insights for inspiration in your area of interest. Knowledge Curation briefs offer comprehensive analysis in a visually appealing, easy to understand format.


Customer Journey Maps

Putting customers first is more than just a best practice, it's the heart of human-centered design. The first step of improving the product and service offerings you deliver is to map out your customer experience. Widely used by leading organizations around the world to unlock user experience insights, Customer Journey Maps are graphic diagrams illustrating the journey customers travel through as they engage with an organization. Journey mapping creates a holistic view of the customer experience by synthesizing and visualizing data points that can help engage diverse stakeholder groups and spur collaboration and change.



Personas are a great way to visualize your empathy building efforts to better understand customers and key stakeholders. Created as fictional characters representing the different people who use your service or product, personas are an insightful pathway into customer needs, wants, and pain points. These human-centered tools literally put a name and face to your research and provide meaningful archetypes to help guide the entire design process.


Idea Jams and Storyboards

Idea Jams help you discover new opportunities. We team with clients to gather inspiration and open perspectives, providing fuel for creative problem-solving. You will learn a variety of brainstorming tactics to develop a portfolio of big ideas.

Storyboarding helps bring ideas to life. By illustrating the basic elements of an idea in a simple frame-by-frame sketch, you can see the idea as a whole, how the parts are related, where the key connections are, and where might dependencies exist. A standard tool in rapid prototyping, Storyboards help create buy-in around a shared understanding of the concept in development, incorporating the best ideas of all involved.


Listening Sessions

Looking to lead change in your organization? Try listening as a first step. A key component to empathy building, authentic listening goes a long way towards bringing people together, developing deeper understanding, breaking down silos, bridging divides, building rapport and buy-in, and solving complex problems. With these goals in mind, Listening Sessions are a series of 1-hour focus-group style conversations with key stakeholders to ask questions and gain insight into what people want, need, and find problematic. During these interactive sessions, participants will also have an opportunity to learn innovative questioning and listening techniques to increase empathy.



Unlock insights and gain greater awareness about the way you learn, work, and create through our wide rage of assessments and psychometric tools:

- DiSC Profile Services
- Talent Smart 360°
- Change Style Indicator
- Innovator's DNA
- Assessment debrief coaching sessions


Innovation Coaching

Build innovation, leadership, and change capacity with expert guidance from seasoned coaches.  


Ignite Leadership Retreat

Ignite your team with alignment, strategic focus, and inspiration to perform during an all-inclusive 1-day leadership retreat. 


Design Sprints

Devise, test, and solve big challenges in only five days. Get creative and chart a course for success.  


Graphic Recording

Kick-start the creative process with graphic recording services, where ideas are visually captured in real time.



Drive continuous innovation and collaborate anywhere with the intuitive design thinking platform Sprintbase™.   


Community Vibrancy

Fuel social transformation and growth in your community through human-centered design.