Creative placemaking

Fueling social transformation and growth through human-centered design and vibrancy strategies with a 3-month Sprintbase program.

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Using human, physical, and cultural assets to enhance the social and civic fabric of a place, community vibrancy builds on a distinctive local character and story.

It is a partnership-based strategy that results from a commitment to social equity and meaningful life for its residents, as well as an interesting experience for visitors and a stronger economic base for the area.

(Inspired by: Creative Community Builder’s Handbook by Tom Borrup)



Read the 2019 National Survey Findings on Trends in Creative Placemaking on Problem Properties from Metris Arts Consulting




Virtual Vibrancy Strategy Certificate Program Powered by Design Thinking

Vibrancy Strategy Development is now a virtual team sport. Bridge Innovate's 3-month virtual cohort program is enabled by the design thinking online platform Sprintbase™. This program is designed for teams of 3-5 participants utilizing a blended approach of virtual workshops, coaching sessions, team assignments, and peer-learning and reflection. Teams complete the program with a foundational knowledge of design thinking and a high level vibrancy strategy canvas to guide their creative placemaking endeavors for impact and growth.

To find out more about cohort team enrollment, contact us.



Innovation Tools for Creative Placemaking

What does it take to create a distinctive sense of place that fuels economic growth? How do you go about re-imagining and reshaping the assets your community can offer to residents and guests?

Pulling from our expertise in design thinking, strategy, change theory, asset-based mapping, and development, we help organizations understand how human-centered design can be a meaningful method for creating community vibrancy and social change. Each step of the design thinking process provides communities with a dynamic framework to help get efforts off the ground and bring visions to life.


Creative Placemaking: Thought Leadership & Education

With a depth of knowledge on innovation and transformation, Bridge provides thought leadership and education opportunities within the creative placemaking community.

From hosting webinars, to leading workshops and delivering keynote sessions, our team has presented at conferences, such as the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking’s Southeast Regional Summit and the the Tennessee Arts & Arts Education Conference.

Sharing our expertise with like-minded leaders, we teach organizations about tangible tools and techniques they can easily and quickly use to launch and accelerate their creative placemaking work. Some of our favorite presentation topics include:

  • How to Build Creative Placemaking Momentum, Excitement, and Engagement by Using Small Scale Experiments to Test Ideas 

  • Train the Trainer. Think Like a Designer: A Session for Educators

Bridge Innovate® Principal, Tamara Gatchell, leads our creative placemaking efforts. Learn more about Tamara and her work.

Innovation Coaching

Innovation Coaching

Sometimes, knowing where to start can be a struggle, and the thought oflaunching out alone can be daunting. No need to fear. Our innovation coaches are here to help!

We provide coaching services to guide community teams and organizations through each step of the process:

• Knowledge scanning and empathy building activities (immerse, engage, observe, research) in the Inspire phase.
• Creating a vibrancy strategy in the Design phase.
• Conducting small-scale experiments in the Test phase.
• And finally, crafting a compelling pitch to key stakeholders and potential funders.



Drive continuous innovation and collaborate anywhere with the intuitive design thinking platform Sprintbase™.    


Ignite Leadership Retreat

Ignite your team with alignment, strategic focus, and inspiration to perform during an all-inclusive 1-day leadership retreat.


Design Sprints

Devise, test, and solve big challenges in only five days. Get creative and chart a course for success.  


Graphic Recording

Kick-start the creative process with graphic recording services, where ideas are visually captured in real time.