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Join the community of clients using design thinking to turn challenges into business growth thanks to the award-winning ExperienceInnovation™ training co-created by our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint®.


Upcoming Courses/Events

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Design Thinking Master Class


3-Day Program
October 3-5, 2018

Take your design thinking skills to the next level with our 3-day Master Class program. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools, and practice they need to:

1. Become a certified ExperienceInnovation™ facilitator

2. Become certified in Sprintbase™ - the design thinking platform for virtual teams

The  Design Thinking Master Class is ideal for people who have previous knowledge and experience with design thinking and are looking to become certified facilitators or practitioners.

You'll discover and leave with:
-  A better understanding of design thinking methodology and mindsets;
-  A deeper level of expertise on design thinking best practices;
-  Readiness to run ExperienceInnovation™ Learn (4-hours), ExperienceInnovation™ Aware (90-mins), and Sprintbase™ across your organization or with your clients;
- Knowledge about how to leverage these tools as part of your current or future innovation services;
-  Ways to cultivate a culture of innovation at your workplace;
-  Readiness to apply the design thinking process on real projects;
-  In-house resources and support for your people to create new, innovative solutions.

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Design Thinking Crash Course 

1/2-Day Program
October 3, 2018

Through an expertly guided design thinking simulation, you will tackle a challenge in a team-based competition. Build innovation confidence and competence and emerge with practical knowledge of design thinking in this ExperienceInnovation™ simulation. 

You'll discover and leave with:
-  A common language for innovation;
-  Paradigms to keep your customers at the center of design efforts;
-  Means to turn new ideas into powerful business solutions.

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Innovation Test Drive 


3-Hour Lunch and Learn Event

Are you looking to unlock creative confidence within your organization? Would you like to explore and test the latest design thinking tools for mobilizing innovation capability?

If so, don't miss out on Bridge Innovate's Innovation Test Drive events. 

Enjoy a catered lunch, meet with other innovation-focused leaders throughout the region and discover new creative problem-solving tools.

Here's a sampling of what to look forward to:

- Featured guest speaker sharing expertise on human-centered design.

- Demo creative tools such as Sprintbase™graphic recording, a Customer Journey Map, or the Change Style Indicator to help lead innovation in your organization and unlock customer insights. 

- Test drive award-winning workshops - ExperienceInnovation™ Aware or ExperienceChange™ - on leading innovation and organizational change. 

Fee: $15 for lunch and learn

I gained fresh perspective on how to help my clients think through solutions to the community issues they address.
— Connie Fernandez, VP of Strategy & Operations, Skye Strategies
This process changes the way you approach solving complex problems and unleashes the power of group-think through providing structure and inspiration.
— David Wilson, STEM School Teacher

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