Start with what is. Invent what could be.

Rooted in the best of design thinking and Agile methodologies, our proven approach positions clients on the path for success to achieve business innovation.




We identify the challenge, sponsorship, deliverables, timeline and design team before launching the project.


2. Inspire

We coach client-led inspiration teams or provide full-scale knowledge curation services to broaden perspectives through researching trends, leading practices, and disruptive shifts, as well as build stakeholder and user empathy to better understand the customer experience.

3. Design

We conduct accelerated design workshops to imagine the future and create solution prototypes. Our methods include IDEA JAM®, SWARM®, Hackathons, and Test Sprints.

4. Test

We coach client-led test teams as they conduct short, simple, low-risk experiments to validate assumptions of top ideas and test solution prototypes. 

5. Launch

We team with our clients to lead and mobilize change through support, training, and tools to launch a prototype solution design forward. 



Design puts people — both your employees and your customers — at the center of your innovation efforts. We team with our clients to tailor-make an approach for creating breakthrough ideas and distinctive solutions.

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The future of an organization depends upon the people who lead it. Prepare your top talent to take your organization to new levels with Bridge’s customized leadership solutions of strategic challenge sessions, executive leadership retreats, and high potential development programs.

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Change is certain. Buy-in is not. Our agile approach to organizational change is an on-going capability complimenting iterative business cycles demanded by competitive markets.

The program is a tremendous success. In 2 years we have achieved a measurable increase in business-critical skills, leadership behaviors and individual self-awareness. The courses are a huge motivator; participants feel privileged to attend and enjoy a taste of the Cambridge educational and social experience. Besides achieving strategic alignment of staff, the Real Work Projects have had measurable impact on business results and direction, far in excess of the costs of the program.
— Mike Naylor, Vice President, Shell Exploration Technical