Bright Spark Hosts Mini Design Challenge

In pursuit of ensuring that Design Thinking connects with students, Bridge Innovate's youth design initiative, Bright Spark, recently hosted a mini design challenge with a group of 7th graders. Check out the innovative results!
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Knowledge Curation: It's About Focus AND Expanded Vision

Everyone is telling us to focus. Yet, we live in an age of distraction and rapid change. In this environment, how can we know if we're focusing on the most important thing? How do we attend to what must be done today and not miss a disruptive trend that is opening up new opportunity? This is the challenge facing many of our clients. Bridge's Research & Technology Lead, Tamara Gatchell, unpacks the concept of Knowledge Curation as a critical approach to help companies focus AND expand vision.
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Announcing Bright Spark 2015 Summer Workshop

We are excited to announce the second annual Bright Spark Summer Workshop is set to take place July 22-26, 2015. Bridge Innovate's® non-profit youth design initiative is designed to ignite creative confidence with youth ages 10-18. Participants in Bright Spark programs have opportunities to learn design thinking, ideate, and protoype innovations.
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An Unconventional Strategic Planning Offsite

Bridge Innovate recently designed and delivered a strategic planning offsite with an unconventional twist for a Fortune 500 healthcare company.
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Celebrating the Holiday Season at the Bridge Innovate Studio!

The Bridge team hosted its first annual Christmas Open House Reception for friends and neighbors at the Bridge Innovate Studio.
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