Design Thinking Helps Bring Thriving Communities Initiative to Life

Is it possible to spur economic growth by leveraging arts and cultural assets? Learn more about how Bridge is using design thinking to help eight regional communities explore this question as part of Thrive 2055’s Thriving Communities Initiative.
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Green Sparks goes live at the Bridge Innovate Studio!

Imagine a bunch of innovative middle-schoolers using design thinking to create sustainable solutions for a better environment. This dream launches into reality on January 30, 2016 with the inaugural Green Sparks kick-off event and student design competition at the Bridge Innovate Studio.
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Bridge's PIT is a Change Engine

McKinsey advises change as a platform- Bridge's PIT provides a design thinking approach for iteration and change.
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STEM Chattanooga Visits Bridge Innovate Studio

STEM Students in Chattanooga undergo Design Thinking Workshop to design a space for coding, multimedia design, and creative collaboration.
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Want to promote traction and recall?

Got the back to school blues? Bridge Innovate’s Esther Hart teamed with TechTown to bring their strategic planning session to life with graphic recording techniques.
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