Principal Leadership Academy Rocks

Having a blast with a Design Thinking workshop for the Public Education Foundation's Principal Leadership Academy. To add more insight on innovation, participants completed the Innovators DNA assessment.
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Bright Spark Goes LIVE!

Join our movement to ignite Creative Confidence with youth with Founded by Bridge Innovate with sponsorship from the RSA US and The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga.
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Transforming the Future of Education

We are working with a number of schools to imagine their future education capability. The inspiration scan surfaced a number of provocative ideas!
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Bright Spark advisory team refines workshop design

The Bright Spark advisory team refines the design of the upcoming summer workshop. Participants tested the application process, the marketing campaign, and the website content.
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Leadership Coaching Training Seminar

Leadership Systems presents annual Leadership Coaching Training Seminar in Charlotte, NC on April 25th and 26th
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