Thoughts On How Not To Be Ignorant About the World

While this title may sound strange and tempt you to think, “Yeah, this doesn’t apply to me;” trust us. This recent TED Talk by Hans and Ola Rosling is one not to miss. Check out their latest video and some of our key takeaways on how not to be ignorant in the world of business.
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How Creative Is Your Workspace?

A recent Harvard Business Review video from Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg highlights an important aspect of creativity that many companies and managers miss: the physical workspace. A major component to unleashing creativity is the physical environment in which one is creative.
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Seeing Through The Eyes of Others

A critical element in design thinking is empathy. Our recent work with the Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the most vulnerable families in the community, highlighted the difficulty of this seemingly simple task.
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Bridge Innovate In Action – 3 Days of Strategic Leadership Development in Charleston

Last week, the Bridge Innovate team facilitated a 3-day strategic leadership development session in Charleston, South Carolina for a high-growth healthcare company. It is always a privilege to be able to work in such a beautiful city with one of our favorite clients.
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Principal Leadership Academy Rocks

Having a blast with a Design Thinking workshop for the Public Education Foundation's Principal Leadership Academy. To add more insight on innovation, participants completed the Innovators DNA assessment.
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